Acta Koreana
1. Lies, Rumours and Sino-Korean Relations: The Pseudo-
    Fujianese Incident of 1687

2. A Japanese Egypt: Korea as Depicted by Early Twentieth-
    Century British Newspapers

3. A Dangerous Tradition: Chohon Discourses and Population
    Management in Colonial Korea

4. The Clash of Cultures in Kim Namch’ŏn’s Scenes from the

5. Modernity of Underdevelopment and Politics of the Sublime:
    Reading Sin Sangok’s Film Sangnoksu

6. The Invention of Taekwondo Tradition, 1945-1972: When
    Mythology Becomes 'History'

7. A Commentary on a Buddhist Tale: “Sŏnyul comes back to
    life” (Sŏnyul hwansaeng 善律還生) in Memorabilia of the Three
    Kingdoms (Samguk yusa 三國遺事)

8. The Challenge of Western Learning as Heterodoxy: Re-reading
    THE Sŏngho School’s Controversies and Conflicts over Western
    Learning in Chosŏn

9. Namdang’s Theory on the Natures of Humans and Non-Human
    Living Beings and His Development of Zhu Xi’s Theories?
Recollections, Reflections, and New Directions
- Fourteen Interviews from Acta Koreana, 2003~2009
- Published in 2009
Waxen Wings
- The Acta Koreana Anthology of Short Fiction from Korea
- Published in 2011

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