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8 Academia Koreana International Conference (AKIC 2016) 관리자 2016-12-22 849

Academia Koreana, the Korean studies research institute of Keimyung University, is happy to announce that it will be holding an international conference on Korean Studies on November 3–November 4, 2016 titled, ‘The Philosophical Examination of Human Nature in Chosŏn Neo-Confucianism’ This conference will shed light on the views of Korean Neo-Confucian philosophers such as T’oegye, Yulgok and Tasan on human and non-human nature within the broader context of the Neo-Confucian philosophical tradition in Northeast Asia. The conference will take place in three stages: two keynote speeches, panel presentations, and comprehensive discussions at the end of each day. On the first day, the first keynote speech by Professor Choi Young Jin (Sungkyunkwan University) is titled, “The Theory of Human and Non-Human Nature: The Metaphysics of Similarity and Difference.” This keynote speech will be followed by in-depth panel presentations dealing with the conference topic from various different points of view. First there will be presentations entitled, “A Comparative Study of the Theory of the Similarity and Difference between Human and Non-Human Nature of the T’oegy School’s Chonjae Yi Hwi-il and Sun'am An Chŏng-bok” and “At the Border of Modernity: The Theory of Human and Non-Human Nature and the Imagined Other.” These presentations will be followed by “A Study on the Views of Tasan on the Difference Between Human and Non-Human Nature Based on a View of Wei-fa (miballon),” “Nosa Ki Chŏngjin’s Theory of Human and Non-Human Nature—A Critical Rejection of Both Sides of the ‘Horak’ Debate Based on the Accommodation of Divergent Principles,” and “Analysis of the Logical Grounds of the Debate on the Similarities and Differences between Human and Non-Human Nature: Focusing on Yi Kan, Han Wŏnjin, and Im Sŏngju.” The second keynote speech on the second day of the conference by Professor Roger T. Ames (Peking University) is titled, “Recovering a Confucian Conception of Human Nature: A Challenge to the Ideology of Individualism.” This keynote speech will be followed by five panel presentations: “Human Nature and Life in Korean and Japanese Confucianism,” “The Significance of the Concept of Mibal in the Horak Debate on Human Nature and Non-Human Nature,” “Namdang’s Theory on the Nature of Humans and Animals and His Development of Zhu Xi’s Theories,” “Nongmun Im Sŏngju’s Theory of Qi and Human Nature,” and “Between Heaven and Earth: Tasan’s Understanding of Human Nature.” On both days the sessions will be followed by a comprehensive discussion, in which everyone will be invited to freely discuss the contents of the papers that have been presented during the conference. We hope that this international conference on the overall theme of ‘The Philosophical Examination of Human Nature in Chosŏn Neo-Confucianism’ will provide a precious opportunity for us to explore and appreciate more deeply the value of Korea’s Neo-Confucian philosophical tradition. Academia Koreana would like to warmly invite you to this venue for discussion. Your interest and participation in this timely conference will be greatly appreciated.
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