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6 The 8th Keimyung International Conference on Korean Studies (KICKS 2014) 관리자 2014-05-22 4338

Academia Koreana, the Korean studies research institute of Keimyung University, is happy to announce that it will be holding an international conference on Korean Studies on May 28–May 30, 2014. This is Keimyung University’s eighth international conference on Korean Studies. The previous conference themes were ‘Exploring the Origin of Homo Koreanus’ (2001), ‘The Korean Beat: In Search of the Origins of Korean Culture’ (2004), ‘Translating Korean Classical Materials Abroad’ (2007), ‘The Ecological Imagination in Korean Traditional Art’ (2010), ‘Korean Confucianism and Ecology’ (2011), ‘Korean Linguistics for Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language’ (2012), and ‘Sensibility and Landscape in Korean Literature and Film’ (2013). This year’s conference, ‘Humanities at the Turning Points of Korean Civilization,’ will provide us with a valuable opportunity to reexamine key figures in the history of Korean civilization and the crucial contributions that they made to its development. The conference will take place in three stages: two keynote speeches, panel presentations, and a comprehensive discussion. On the first day, the first keynote speech by Professor Cho Dongil (Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University) is titled, ‘Korea’s Course at the Turning Point of Civilization.’ This keynote speech will be followed by two parallel panel presentations on Northern culture and Korean culture and Christianity in Korea. The second keynote speech on the second day of the conference by Professor Robert E. Buswell Jr. (Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, UCLA) is titled, ‘Transplanting Buddhism on the Korean Peninsula: Localizing the Universal.’ This keynote speech will be followed by a panel of presentations on the theme of Mahayana Buddhism in Korea, focusing on the contribution of Wŏnhyo. On the third and final day of the conference there will be two consecutive sessions on the past and present significance of T’oegye’s and Dasan’s thought. These sessions will be followed by a comprehensive discussion, in which everyone will be invited to freely discuss the contents of the papers that have been presented during the conference. It is hoped that this conference, ‘Humanities at the Turning Points of Korean Civilization,’ will contribute to overcoming the commercialization of the humanities and help us to inherit the intellectual traditions of our illustrious predecessors. Through the participation of overseas scholars in the panels, it is also hoped that the contribution of Korean humanities to turning points of civilization can be newly discovered on a broader international level. Your interest, cooperation, and participation in this timely conference will be greatly appreciated.
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