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5 The 7th Keimyung International Conference on Korean Studies (KICKS 2013) 관리자 2013-10-30 5293


Academia Koreana, the Korean studies research institute of Keimyung University, is happy to announce that it will be holding an international conference on Korean Studies on October 31-November 1, 2013. This is Keimyung University’s seventh international conference on Korean Studies. The previous conference themes were ‘Exploring the Origin of Homo Koreanus (2001),’ ‘The Korean Beat: In Search of the Origins of Korean Culture (2004),’ ‘Translating Korean Classical Materials Abroad (2007),’ ‘The Ecological Imagination in Korean Traditional Art (2010),’ ‘Korean Confucianism and Ecology (2011),’ and ‘Korean Linguistics for Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (2012).’ This year’s conference ‘Sensibility and Landscape in Korean Literature and Film’ will provide a timely forum for the presentation and discussion of new ideas in this important field.

  The conference will take place in three stages: a keynote speech, panel presentations, and a comprehensive discussion. On the first day, the keynote speech will explore the overarching theme of sensibility and landscape in Korean literature and film. This speech will be followed by panel presentations that will explore various aspects of the conference theme in depth. The first session will examine children’s magazines in colonial Korea, a psychoanalytical approach to understanding 3-Iron by Kim Ki-duk, images of light in early colonial propaganda, and the political significance of Sin Sangok’s film Evergreen Tree (Sangnoksu) in 1960s Korea. In the first session of the second day of the conference, there will be presentations on colonial literary representations of the “starving ghost,” the use of intertexts by Kim Tong-in in Jang Chul-soo’s Bedevilled, and the sense of home and homelessness in post-national zainichi cinema. In the final session of the conference, there will be further papers on the Japanese reception of the films of Bong Junho, the kasa “Bukjongga” by Yi Yong and “Buksegok” by Gu Gang, experiments in the creation of interactive paintings from Kim So-wo˘ l’s “speaking pictures,” and utopias in late Joseon yadam. This final session of paper presentations will be followed by a comprehensive discussion, in which everyone will be invited to freely discuss the contents of the papers that have been presented during the conference.

   Academia Koreana would like to warmly invite you to this venue for debate. By exploring the theme of sensibility and landscape in Korean literature and film, we hope to be able to share our ideas and deepen our understanding of issues that are at the forefront of Korean literary and film studies today. Your interest, cooperation, and participation in this timely conference will be greatly appreciated.

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